Rahima Foundation

Our Mission: Rahima International Foundation strives to feed the hungry, assist the financially insecure, and support students in their educational journey.

Our Vision: We hope to foster equitable, inclusive, and collaborative communities. Join us.



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Today, the world celebrates vast technological advancements, yet every 9th person suffers from food scarcity (1). The rate of food insecurity in the United States is even higher, standing at 11.8% (2). In the Silicon Valley, specifically, that rate more than doubles to 24.8%—making every 4th person food insecure (3). A total of 720,000 people out of 2.9 million Bay Area residents live with food insecurity (3).

At Rahima Foundation, we strive to provide economic justice where it is so absent. We provide a safety net to those in our communities who are low-income. We do so by serving individuals and families with monthly groceries, rent and utility assistance, hot meals, and educational support.

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has impacted over 540,000 lives since 1993,

Drawing of a bag of groceries. The bag holds an apple, bottle of juice, a baguette, and some greens.

distributes over 168 tons of groceries per year,

(That's the equivalent weight of 34 large elephants!)

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serves over 350 hot meals a month,


financially assists 150 families a month with their rent, utilities, and transportation,

delivers groceries to over 400 families a month (which translates to groceries for 1,600 individuals a month),

and has an operational cost of less than 5%





The foundation of a strong house is built incrementally: a single layer is placed at a time and allowed to solidify before the next is laid. Rahima Foundation operates similarly; we support communities in a manner that is stable, consistent, and expanding.


We can only understand another individual’s pain if we either share their experiences firsthand or open our hearts and ears to each other's stories and situations. Rahima believes that we must come together with empathy; it is only with empathy that we can we truly serve and empower others.



Our organization strives to bring comfort to members of our community by catering to their unique individual needs. Rahima delivers this care while also ensuring individuals are always treated with the utmost respect.


We are extremely grateful for the generous donations that have enabled our services for those in need. To that extent, we are accountable for every penny and maintain our accounts diligently.



Our founder is strongly inspired by her faith. Specifically, serving the less fortunate is a crucial part of her spiritual values. Therefore, faith is a leading principle in our work. Faith leads us to carry our work with the everlasting power of love, compassion, and sincere intentions.


Rahima is derived from the Arabic word "Rahim", or merciful. Ar-Rahim is one of the oft-spoken attributes of God. Rahima strives to serve our Creator by serving His creation. Therefore, mercy and compassion for all is the most important component of our service strategy. 



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Your donations are crucial in making our work possible.

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