Q: What are the volunteering opportunities?

A: You can volunteer to pack groceries/student snack packs and serve cooked food at our soup kitchen events. In addition, there are limited opportunities for warehouse work, general office work, IT, website management, and program management. To find out more, send us an email or check out our “Get Involved” page!

Q: Can we volunteer in a group?

A: Yes, with some restrictions. You need to sign up through our volunteer sign up forms. It’s on a first come, first served basis. For groups larger than 4 people, please email us at least one week before the event, so that we can confirm availability.

Q: I’m volunteering for food distribution, do I have to bring anything? Do I have to wear anything specific?

A: You don’t have to bring anything for food distribution. We provide gloves for you to wear when handling the food. Please wear comfortable shoes (not open toe shoes, slippers, or flip-flops) and comfortable clothing.

Q: I’m volunteering for the soup kitchen, do I have to bring anything? Do I have to wear anything specific?

A: We advise you to wear comfortable and appropriate shoes and clothes, as they might get soiled. If you have longer hair, please tie your hair back. We will provide a hair net or you may wear your own head covering.

Q: Can we donate products, rather than money?

A: Yes! Here is a list of specific products that we accept:

  • Mazola Corn Oil - 40 fluid ounces bottles

  • Basmati Rice - 10 pound bags

  • All Purpose Flour - 10 pound bags

  • Masoor Daal (lentils) - 2 pound bags

  • Dates - 2 pound bags (during Ramadan)

  • Meat - The Guidelines

  • Backpacks - In red, black, tan, or grey

Please do not donate items that are not on this list as we want to make sure there is uniformity of items given to our clients. You can drop them off in person at our office.


Q: How can I receive help from you?

A: Please check out our “Get Help” page to learn about the requirements and documents you will need. Once you have gathered those materials, please either come to our office to receive the application in person or ask us to mail it to you. We will let you know within a week if you qualify to receive help from Rahima Foundation.

Q: I am part of a company that wants to collaborate with Rahima. How can we do so?

A: We appreciate all collaborations with businesses. You can volunteer as a company team, help us receive matching donations from your company, or sponsor one of our soup kitchens. You can contact us at mail@rahima.org or ambreenjamal@rahima.org for further inquiries.

Q: Who do you serve?

A: We provide meals and groceries for individuals and families who are at risk of hunger or malnutrition in the San Francisco Bay Area, such as those in homeless shelters. We also focus on students who are threatened by food insecurity.

Q: How do you receive funding?

A: We receive donations from individuals and company-matching donations. We also receive grants from organizations, like Sunlight Giving and Qualcomm.

Q: Is my donation tax-deductible?

A: Yes it is, we are a 501(c)3 Charitable and Educational Organization, tax ID no. 77-0442850.