Young Professionals’ Advisory Board (YPAB)

Vision: To ensure the Charitable and Educational work of Rahima Foundation continues, and grows for generations to come

Mission: Regularly advise and provide recommendations to the Executive Director on strategy, programs, operations, funding, and financials from a young professional’s perspective, in order to achieve Rahima Foundation’s stated vision and mission in the most effective, lasting, and self-sustaining manner

How to become a member: You can send an email to: or request an existing member to send an email on your behalf. Rahima Foundation’s Executive Director may then appoint you as a member of YPAB

Structure and Responsibilities:

  • There shall be no limit on the number of members of this Advisory Board
  • The Executive Director of Rahima Foundation shall appoint the persons to be on the Advisory Board. Prior acceptance of the person being nominated shall be required. A minimum of one person already associated with Rahima Foundation as a volunteer/Officer/Board member, and thus very familiar with its vision/mission, philosophy, and programs, shall be a member of the Advisory Board at all times
  • Diversity of members is encouraged in order to get various perspectives and ideas. Diversity includes but not limited to: gender, race, ethnicity, professional skills/background, organizational affiliations, geographic locations within North America, and those already affiliated with Rahima Foundation versus newcomers
  • Members should be young professionals (49 years old or less), preferably those who were born and/or raised in North America, but at a minimum should have lived in North America for ten years or longer. Thus they will be more familiar with and associate more closely with life in North America
  • The Advisory Board shall appoint its own Chairperson who will call and conduct its meetings, and a Secretary who will take notes of the meetings and communicate them promptly to the Executive Director of Rahima Foundation (within 14 days of said meeting)
  • The Advisory Board shall meet regularly, at least four times a year. The meetings can be face-to-face, virtual, or a combination thereof. A quorum of >50% of the members will be required only for the decisions made by the Advisory Board
  • The Advisory Board shall not have any decision-making, nor any operational responsibilities at Rahima Foundation
  • Members of the Advisory Board shall be advocates of Rahima Foundation in their own networks, communities, organizations, work, and worship places
  • The Advisory Board shall develop its own set of metrics to evaluate its effectiveness against its stated mission. The evaluation shall be done at the end of each year; and, based on the results, the Advisory Board, in consultation with the Executive Director of Rahima Foundation, shall make the necessary changes to improve its effectiveness
  • Any young professionals interested in becoming a member may contact the Executive Director of Rahima Foundation for consideration
  • Any member may resign from this Advisory Board at any time. However, the Executive Director of Rahima Foundation may remove any member from the Advisory Board, if he or she determines it is in the best interest of Rahima Foundation
  • The Board of Directors of Rahima Foundation shall allocate a nominal budget annually for the workings of this Advisory Board