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Rahima Foundation's Philosophy of Operation

Rahima Foundation, as an organization operates on some foundational principles that were introduced by its founder Habibe Husain.

Serving our Creator by serving His creation

Rahima Foundation is a local 501 C(3) Charitable and Educational Foundation

We serve the people in need in our local communities regardless of religion, race, gender, or nationality

We provide uncooked food (perishable and non‐perishable), zakat, scholarships, and other services

Make intentions and leave the rest to Him. Allow Him to operate through you. Obey Him because He is our Gracious Master and we are His grateful servants.

The strongest house is where the foundation is placed one layer at a time allowing for the first to solidify before the second is laid on. This has always been the way Rahima has operated. Although it makes for a slow process, nonetheless the product is sounder. 


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